Community Savings

Shelter Trust common interest group

Community Savings - Shelter Trust Common Interest Group (CIG) was set up in 2002, to allow homeless people in Jersey access to basic banking services.

Through Community Savings, The Shelter Trust are able to access financial services for people who are normally excluded from the ‘high street’ banks. The Shelter Trust Common Interest Group currently has over 50 members.


To provide banking services to homeless or otherwise socially excluded people.


Savings accounts, low cost loans and financial advice and support.


Referral by Keyworker.

Community Savings and Credit Ltd) was set up arising out of the International Year for the Eradication of Poverty in 1996, to help those on lower incomes gain access to basic banking services through a Credit Union type organisation.

Jersey’s Community Savings aims are:
  • To educate individuals, within common interest groups, on how to budget for their everyday requirements, manage their resources and give basic financial advice.
  • To provide a means of saving modest amounts on a regular basis for a particular purpose or as a general discipline.
  • Once a suitable savings record has been established to consider the provision of loans for necessities, on a secured or unsecured basis and at reasonable rates of interest.

Community Savings gives people the opportunity to build regular savings from as little as £1.00 per week. After a period of saving, they will offer facilities for small low-interest loans. Community Savings continue to increase the facilities and services it offers.

Community Savings also help homeless people get back in charge of their finances and plan their move to independent living.

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