Friends of Shelter

The aim of the The Shelter Trust is to offer a way out of homelessness. We want homeless people to ‘move on’ and establish themselves in independent accommodation.

Sometimes it takes longer than a few days, weeks or even months for homeless people to be able to secure their own accommodation. And when they do have their own home, some people need a little help to sustain independent living.

Our ability to move people out of homelessness and into sustainable independent living is dependent on the kindness and generosity of the whole community in Jersey. Our resources are scarce and the demands upon them are many.

We set up our ‘Friends of Shelter’ so that individuals in Jersey could help us support the island’s homeless. By becoming a ‘Friend of Shelter’ you can show your support for the The Shelter Trust and take a step towards eradicating homelessness in Jersey.
As a ‘Friend of Shelter’ we will keep you informed about our work and activities. We will invite you to our events. You decide the extent to which you want to become involved.

To become a ‘Friend of Shelter’ please download and print this form and send it to the address below;

Finance Co-Ordinator
The Shelter Trust,
3rd Floor,
Charles House,
Charles Street,
St Helier

Or contact us on Tel: 01534 608948 or email: