Drunk and Incapable Unit

The D&I Unit provides an alternative to custody and a place of safety for anyone who is Drunk and Incapable in Jersey. It is a service provided by The Shelter Trust, in partnership with the States of Jersey Police. This service is open to anyone who needs it.

Someone who is found to be intoxicated by the Police, but is committing no other crime may be brought to the Unit by the Police as an alternative to custody. They can ‘sleep it off’ in a safe supervised environment and leave, when recovered, without prosecution.


To provide an alternative to custody, place of safety for intoxicated adults.


4 single Units. Staff on duty 24hrs. Shower and laundry facilities.


Supervised recovery, brief intervention counselling and advice on drug and alcohol services.


Referral by States of Jersey Police, Honorary Police or Shelter Staff.

Jersey’s Drunk & Incapable Units is one of just a few such projects in the UK. Since its establishment in 1995, it has cared for over 1,500 referrals from the States and Honorary Police.

In 2017 the D&I Unit received 61 referrals.

From the perspective of Jersey as a community; that is 61 people who could otherwise have been arrested, held in custody, charged and sentenced at substantial expense in terms of Police, Courts, Probation and Prison Services time and resources.

For the individuals; that is 61 people who have not been prosecuted, do not have a criminal record, have been given advice on sensible drinking and have been allowed to move on from their night of excess.

The States of Jersey Police provide training to all Shelter staff who work in the D&I Unit. The D&I Unit is regularly inspected and it’s work reviewed by the Probation and Aftercare Service who are tasked to assess that the unit offers a safe and effective diversion from prosecution for drunk and incapable offenders.

The ‘next day’ Unit staff are on hand to reassure and offer advice and literature about alcohol and drug use. Our staff can put people in contact with specialist Alcohol & Drug Services if this is needed. For many a night in the Unit will in itself be a ‘wake up call’.

Reflecting our diverse community our information is in the four main languages most commonly in use on the island.

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