Emergency Accommodation

The Shelter Trusts' Emergency Accommodation is located at Aztec House. This is the only direct access homeless accommodation in Jersey. For many homeless people it is the first stop on their road back to being housed. It provides a place of safety, food and an address; a beginning to putting the pieces back together.

The Shelter Trusts' emergency hostel (shown on the right) blends in with town housing, restaurants and hotels


To provide safe emergency accommodation and support for homeless adults.


Approx 40 persons (single or sharing) in 35 rooms. Staff on duty 24hrs. Dining, bathroom and laundry facilities are shared. There is an accommodation charge.


Assessment, key working, onward accommodation referral, advocacy, supported access to services (housing, health, drug and alcohol, counselling, mental health, community bank), employment and training advice, meals, laundry.


Direct. No referral necessary. The emergency facility accommodates both males and females 18yrs+.

First established in its current location as Lewis Street Shelter, our emergency hostel is now adjoined to our newer building Aztec House. Our aim upon opening Aztec House was to have individual room occupancy across all our sites. However, demand for emergency accommodation consistently outstripped our capacity and our emergency accommodation is often in shared rooms.

Homelessness can be a distressing experience and finding yourself in a hostel can be daunting. Staff are on hand to reassure and answer any questions, or try to deal with any concerns. Every effort is made to make reduce the stressfulness of the situation.

Everyone who needs accommodation in our emergency facility is issued with a key to their room. All rooms have televisions, kettles & safes for personal belongings. Meals are provided in the dining room and residents have use of laundry facilities and communal lounges.

The length of time a person stays with the Trust depends on their circumstances, but those without complex needs are expected to stay no longer than a few days or weeks.

On arrival, each client will be allocated a keyworker, who will inform them of the services we provide and how they can access other services. The client works with their keyworker to assess their needs and plan their individual pathway to moving on.

Emergency Accommodation, Day facilities, Outreach, Drunk & Incapable Unit

37 Kensington Place

St. Helier

Jersey CI


Tel: 01534 730235