The Shelter Trust's 11th Annual Tinathon (Postponed)

22nd May 2020

This year's event was due to take place on Friday 22nd May at Wests Centre.  The 2019 event collected donations of over 8,000 tins of food, both to supplement food supplies in the four main Shelter residences and for distribution in food parcels for the  needy in Jersey.

In view of the practical difficulties of running the event successfully and safely during the COVID-19 isolation and physical distancing restrictions, it has been necessary to postpone the 2020 Tinathon until later in the year.  The event's regular sponsors, Rowlands Recruitment, have committed their support for a future date when Island life returns to normal.

In the meantime, the number of people in Jersey using The Shelter Trust's services is increasing daily as the economic and social effects of the virus impact our community and the charity's food and running costs are similarly increasing.  Shelter therefore asks businesses and members of the public who would like to help the homeless, and who would normally donate tins of foods to Tinathon, to instead make a cash donation online to:

There is only one thing that is absolutely certain in these uncertain times, it's a time to pull together and help each other.  Any donation big or small, will make a real difference at this time of crisis.

For further information, please contact Richard Robins on 07797 716235 or email

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Thank you.