Nadia's Cakeathon

23rd August 2017

On Wednesday 23rd August, Nadia Vernaglione (aged 9) organised a cake sale at Liberty Wharf, to raise money for the Trust.

With the help of her brother, family, friends and many JCG students, they made many cakes, rangeing from cupcakes, brownies, biscuits and shortbread.

Nadia's mother, Janet advised that the sale went well, and that they had a few cakes leftover, which they sold at school on Thursday 24th for GCSE Results Day!

I am delighted to advise that Nadia and her fellow bakers have raised £620 for the Trust, which is a fantastic achievement.

On behalf of the Trust, we would like to thank Nadia and her friends for giving up their time to support the Trust, and also to Nadia's mother, Janet for getting in contact with us.  It is much appreciated.


Here are a few photos of Nadia and her friends.