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Flag Week


Shelter's 2013 Flag Week was  held during the week of the 29th July to 3rd August  Thank you to all our volunteers and helpers who were out and about with collection buckets and to everyone who made donations.  We raised £4,080.80 during the week.


Pictures of the Flag Day volunteers in action .

The Street collectors were out in force in and around King Street throughout the week. Locals and visitors alike came across to ask what it was all about and to donate their spare change or more. A lot of genuine support was evident as many people stopped by to enquire about Shelter's work and to voice their support for the 'good work' done.


The 'pub run' saw collectors visit many of the pubs in St. Helier, St. Aubin and at Red Houses on the Friday evening. Collectors mingled with the customers without lingering too long!!!

The collectors report that they were well received and that the punters were in a generous mood.