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05/12/2010 - Soup Kitchen Success

The 2009 kitchen was a great success raising £11,455.23 and breaking all previous records. The rain stayed off and the crowds stayed to enjoy the music, the occasion and of course the soup.


The seeds for the Soup Kitchen came about when John Hodge was interviewed on BBC Radio Jersey and asked for fund raising ideas. That was some 12 years ago.

The first year was a very small affair, with half a dozen or so soups from the very top hotels and restaurants in the Islands who had all generously and eagerly come on board. There was a small table with two or three gas burners to heat the soup and an area for buttering bread. That was it! There was much anxiety amongst the small band of friends who had volunteered to help. Would anyone turn up in the Royal Square to have lunch of soup and bread and make a suitable donation?

Well they did, the soup was soon sold out and £1,300 was donated! The suggested donation at that time was £1, although many gave considerably more. The organisers had originally thought that if they made £200 it would have been worth it.

From little acorns….. as they say. The event has grown from strength to strength, year on year. Each one bigger and more elaborate than the previous one - more soups, a marquee, chefs from hotels and restaurants, musicians and carol singers from a variety of schools, live radio coverage and a huge band of loyal, valued and extremely hard working volunteers. There is also a core of generous sponsors and suppliers without whom the event simply would not be able to exist.

As the event grew in size, so did the money raised. Approximately 3,500 portions of soup and bread were served in 2009 raising an amazing £10, 500 in cash on the day which rose to a generous £11,455 with the help of our sponsors.


This years Soup Kitchen will be on Tuesday 30th November. See you in the Royal Square.